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it’s a bind, you know

when people complain about representation they say “well, make it yourself”

but then when queer people only play queer roles and when jews write about jews and when black people make parts for other black people etc people ask “so are you ever going to step out of that niche? when are you going to make stuff for everybody?”

Nobody just wakes up at eighteen and says “I want to be a porn-starlet”. “Choices” don’t exist in a vacuum, nobody grows up in an impregnable bubble that silences all the bigoted and oppressive socialization the white/Western-supremacist Capitalistic Heteropatriarchy/male-supremacist hegemony spews at out every day via the media, Hollywhite, the fashion and cosmetic industries and individual people. “Choices” are heavily effected by your situation and living in a porn- and kink-warped, neoliberal/capitalistic, racist/white-supremacist, heterosexist, phallocratic society is certainly a situation that a woman/girl can’t ignore. We’re forced to endure it every fucking day.
the-uncensored-she (via fuckyeah-radicalfeminism)


GoFundMe Print Catalog

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  1.  "Tsidił 1980" 4x6"   $10
  2. Hastiin Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii 4x6”  $10
  3. Naabaahii 11x14”   $32
  4. "Yikáísdáhá" 11x14"   $32
  5. DeChelly1945 8x10”   $32
  6. CAYATANITO1874 8x10”    $32
  7. Cloud Woman 11x14”    $32
  8. EyesLikeArrows 11x14”   $32
  9. Water is Power 11x17”    $32
  10. Indigenous Resilience 11x17”    $32

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